About Us

Alpha Teknoloji Ltd. Şti. is an electronical device research & development company. The company is capable of offering embedded software and design project solutions to its customers. Also mobile application development and web based desktop software developments are company's services.

The company is an innovative team of system architects, consultants, and engineers focused on building high performance systems. Alpha has developed a history of professional relationships by working closely with our commercial and intelligence community customers to turn their requirements into reality. Alpha solutions are independent of specific technologies; our engineers apply the most appropriate technical alternatives to meet customer requirements by utilizing current and emerging technologies. Alpha solves the most difficult problems, leveraging the extensive knowledge and experience of our diverse team; our organization promotes communication and technology exchange.

Co-founders of the company, after several years of experiences at foremost companies in Turkey, decided to start Alpha Teknoloji Ltd. Şti in 2018 in order to consult and maintain service to world wide companies.

The services include; Medical devices development, Android application development, Professional test devices and equipments, IOT technology and communication, production of electronic devices, project consultancy etc.